“Prayin’ for the Rain” Album


an album of honesty and power

Prayin’ for the Rain, our second album, released in October 2016, contains six new original songs along with eight of the songs from our first album, Lost in the World  re-worked for four-piece electric combo.

Track Listing:

  1. Lift This Stone
  2. Dry River Blues
  3. Lost in the World
  4. Breakfast
  5. Divided For Love
  6. Hildegard
  7. Death Comes Knockin’
  8. Free Man
  9. Lovesick Blues
  10. Lay Down and Die
  11. Makin’ Biscuits (Instrumental)
  12. Shine Your Light On Me
  13. Tryin’
  14. Who Am I

Oliver Althoen – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Forrest – Harmonica
Joel Helin – Bass, Backup Vocals
Ruben Ordiano – Drums

Guest musicians:

Paula Gabriel – Backup Vocals (Tracks 8, 12, and 14)
Satch Purcell – Tablas (Tracks 6 and 11)
Jeremy Hatch – Keyboard (tracks 6 and 14)

Art by Amber Mikelle
All songs by Oliver Althoen,
except Shine Your Light On Me by Oliver Althoen and Sinda Althoen,
and Makin’ Biscuits by Dave Forrest

Prayin for the Rain is available for purchase as a CD or download from Amazon and Apple Music, and as a download from BandCamp.