Prayin’ for the Rain reviews

  • “The musical imagination of all the players, but Althoen in particular, is consistently impressive, for example in the usual picking pattern in “Lay Down And Die”, or in his ability to layer a number of guitars on a track without ever over-playing, while Forrest’s subtle backing contributions are as whip-smart as his solos.”  — Blues Blast Magazine (scroll down: review 5 of 8)
  • “…real swagger and just a dash of country.” — Bman’s Blues Report
  • “The album as a whole is nicely crafted, some great lyrics and well measured use of the ‘tools’ to hand (or mouth). Though it tips more toward country blues, there’s enough flavour form the Delta and Chicago to make it more interesting, even the elements of folk that that dovetail in. Althoen has produced a lovely collection of music that will satisfy all. Death Desperation and Redemption, it ticks almost all the blues boxes, I’m just going to find that biscuit mix, to see what they taste like out the oven!”  — Rhythm & Booze Blog
  • “With their use of traditional blues instrumentation and formats, Dry River has crafted a set of honest, powerful music that is literally the last shade of blues before they turn black.” — donandsherylsbluesblog
  • “Dry River is a very good band who has already released three albums.Prayin’ For The Rain is the only one I’ve had the opportunity to check out, but I’m impressed enough that I will be hunting down their others.” — Professor Johnny P’s Juke Joint